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Fu Lei's Family Letters Educational to Young and Old

bearing good news. Dear child, if we were at the concert, we would be weeping with tears. The book has sold over one million copies in China and was translated into Korean and.

Chinese Historians Publish "Complete History" of Nanking Massacre

One week ahead of the 75th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre, the atrocities are fully exposed in a new book published on Thursday, offering new perspectives and more rationality...

Hong Kong Joins London Book Fair for the First Time

Hong Kong took part in the London Book Fair for the first time as part of the celebration for the 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in a hope to show.

Prof. Li Zhongshang Releases New Book

Prof. Li Zhongshang [File Photo:] Professor Li Zhongshang, new China's first doctor of philosophy, has recently released his new book, The Third Way -- True Nature.

Wolf Dad's Book Stirs Controversy

Following the roars of a "tiger mom" that stirred controversy on parenting in China, a Hong Kong businessman is promoting his "wolf dad" approach in his book "That's Why.

Beijing International Book Fair Promotes Co-op in Publishing Trade

Visitors communicate with the staff about various magazines at the 19th Beijing International Book Fair at Beijing's International Exhibition Center on August 29, 2012. [Photo:.

Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd.

“Product catalogue for obligatory product certification” produced or imported by. significant interest-bearing assets, as such its income and operating cash flows are.

Is A Sino-US Currency War Imminent?

An interview with Lei Sihai, author of a new book 'The Great Decisive Battle: the Imminence of Sino-US Currency War.' The United States has become more and more defensive.

Shanghai Book Fair Focuses on Weibo To Promote Itself Online

If digital reading is a trend that book fairs have paid a lot of attention to, the ongoing Shanghai Book Fair has been trying something new to make it more digital by using social.

Nobel Laureate among Luminaries at 2011 Shanghai Book Fair

book signings and other events will be held over the seven days of the fair. About 500 publishing companies from all over China will participate in the fair. More than 150,000 books will.

London Book Fair Offers Opportunity to "Read" China through Books

On Feb. 9, 2010, European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton was captured in a photograph reading a book titled "What Does China Think?" while waiting for a.

Beijing Urban Administrator Comes Clean in New Book

Song Zhigang poses with his bestselling book "Chengguan: an Insider's View" in this undated picture. [Photo: Xinhua] An urban administrator in Beijing has been thrust into.

Sex Education Books Break Down Traditional Barriers

book, published by the Shanghai Education Publishing House, is currently used only at Ding's school. It is expected to be introduced to 18 schools in Shanghai's Yangpu district, said.

The Right Bank of the Argun River

The book tells the story of the Evenks, an ethnic group in northeast China. Let's follow Shen Ting to find out more. Reporter: "The Right Bank of the Argun River" is the first novel...

CCTV Host Sued for Eating His Words

mistakes in Yan's book, the Beijing News reported Tuesday. Yan Chongnian, the defendant, became famous in China as a result of his fascinating lectures about the history of the.

"History of Chinese Printing" Makes World Debut in Frankfurt Book.

The English version of The History of Chinese Printing made its world debut on Thursday at the 61st Frankfurt Book Fair. The English version of the book was co-published by Zhejiang.

Dr. Bethune's Legacy Links Canada, China

When China recently announced it would bestow Approved Destination Status (ADS) on Canada, paving the way for more visits by Chinese tourists, the news brought a huge smile to.

Nobel Laureate Mo Yan Gives Lecture-Storytellers

a book or something to write with. By nature hard working, she had no use for lazy children, yet I could skip my chores as long as I had my nose in a book," said Mo. He listened to a.

A Japanese Glance into the Forbidden City

Asada's book was a sensation in Japan, ranking on the country's best seller list for 10 years. Liu Dehong, general manger of the Beijing Hualu Baina Film & TV Company, and the.

Mo Yan: Nobel Prize Means More Eyes on Chinese Literature

I had to resort to every means to find a book to read. I traded books with others and even churned the mill and reaped wheat for others in exchange for books," he said. "When I.